Call South Africa on mobile and landline for almost free with Call2call


Well they say nothing comes for free in this world, but if you’ve use Call2call you know it’s almost as “free” as it can get. And now there is better news as the Call2call rates for calling South Africa have become amazingly cheap. It charges just 1.5p a minute! It’s simple, straightforward and the best deal money we can get. With Call2call you can make vast savings without having to compromise on the call quality as we offer service that can be used from any phone. You can use this service from home, from work and from your mobile too. You can even use Call2call to phone South African mobile phones for as less as 5p.

Call South Africa

If you were to use our service to call a landline in South Africa from your BT line, and you spoke for 30 minutes, you would save £18.45 by not paying the standard rate of 63p a minute. Just dial 0844 303 0707 followed by the South African number to make the cheapest calls to South Africa. To use your unused minutes to make calls to South Africa from a UK mobile, text CHAT” to 87887 and you will be given a £5 of international credit, plus a text with a distinctive “PIN” number and this access number 0121 261 0808. You can call this access number at no extra cost using any minutes you have, or at your standard network rate . 

Call from UK landline

Once you are connected to our service, you enter your sole PIN number and then dial the respective South African number, remembering to incorporate the full country code; 00 27. Calls to the South African landlines will cost just 1.5p per minute at all times and to South African mobiles will cost just 6p per minute. And this cost is used from your £5 calling credit.

Call from UK mobile

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100 free minutes plus very affordable international calling plans from PennyTalk


Pennytalk provides you with easy and affordable international calls through UK and for rest of the world. They are not only giving high superb voice quality but they are also giving features that attract the users. They are doing exceptionally well and giving tough time to other VoIP services in term of services and features.

Why pennytalk?

I have number of arguments in this regard. I am sure all of them are very much relevant.

  • Save huge

  1. They charge you 70% less. You can observe the difference in rates very easily. Just like 1 minute call in UK through orange would cost you 30p per minute while same call through Pennytalk would cost 1p per min.

  2. When you join other VoIP services, what are you supposed to get!! A 5 min free call, that’s it. But here, you get 100 free minutes of international call.

  3. Have you ever found any VoIP service, giving discount on favorite international numbers? Simply no. But here, despite low cost you get 20% off for your favorite international numbers.

  • Call from any phone

You can use pennytalk with android, iphone or Blackberry.

  • Satisfaction guaranteed

What so ever VoIP service you used, you need to buy credit. Despite spending dollars, if you are not getting the satisfactory result than it’s totally shameless. Pennytalk provides you with maximum satisfaction.

  • Easy account setup

In order to start using it you need to sign up at PennyTalk. Give all the legal information and then elect the payment method. But credit and conform all the information. Select your favorite numbers.

This is the right time to save big!

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Free and Cheap VoIP Calling Application – Dell Fongo

Recently, I have found Dell Fongo which is a VoIP calling application. In fact, Dell has joint hands with Fongo for entering in VoIP market. Initially they are providing free services to Canada. It provides their customers with following features:

  • Free phone calls
  • Call waiting
  • Call display
  • Voicemail
  • Make a call to mobile and landline
  • Free Canadian number
The free phone calls are generally long distance and it is available to most parts of Canada. 
Operating systems:
Yes! It is new, that’s why they have only restricted their free calls to only one area and is available only for android (OS update 2.1+), IOS (3.2+) and desktop windows. The software for Blackberry is expected till end of this march. Windows requirement are as follow:
  • 800MHZ minimum processor 
  • Work perfectly on windows XP, Vista and 7.
  • 30 MB free space on your hard drive
It works perfectly even the speed of your internet is not too fast. Keep this thing in your mind that it should not be less than 128kbps. I face little problems regarding sound quality while using on internet explorer but it works quite well with Mozilla Firefox and opera. 
How to create your own account?
It’s quite simple. Just go over these steps:
  • Visit this web address Dell Voice
  • Click on” create your account”.
  • After electing your country, give other necessary information. Just like your e-mail address, phone number, etc.
Don’t worry regarding your information. It will be not expose to anybody.  
Low cost international calling:
Other than this they also provide calls to 60 destinations. You are charge for this. Charges rate lie between the range of 2¢ to 4¢ per minute, depending upon location of your call destination. I assure you they are not more. I have tried thrice and credit deducted was very little. Even the call was for a long period of time. You can check their rates from here:
It’s a complete package for one’s who are always looking for calling abroad. They do provide you with all features. If you have tried or willing to try it, then please leave your comments below. 


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Make free VoIP call anywhere that actually works – Updated 2012

All VoIP users search here and there to know any VoIP company that can provide them with free calls or even cheap calls as compare to their current plan. At first stage we go with only those VoIP service providers who provide a trial call. And then at other stages we make decision. But it is very rare that any company goes with a trial call. If a VoIP company do provide with a trial call, then further problem you face is to register yourself. But the company that provides free trial calls without registering is known as “Evaphone”.

These trial calls are available every day. They are of short duration but everyone can make two calls daily. You are two steps away for using it. How it’s possible. Without going further, first check it here:


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Cheap call to Doha Qatar

There is no doubt that many voip are providing cheap call to Doha, Qatar. It is not possible to maintion few voip companies that are providing exciting packages calling qatar. The details regarding them are as follow:


  • Call Doha in just 9p ( on landline)

This is the simplest way to connect your call rom your landline. First call this number 0871 331 7777 and when you listen a dial tone just dial your destination number. After you have disconnected your call and you wish to make another call, then again follow the same procedure.. You are charged through your bill and 0871 331 7777 appears on your bill. It’s a huge saving.

  • Call Doha in just 10p ( on mobile phones)

For calling to mobile number through your land line dial 0871 990 7777 and then your mobile number.

  • Why this?

There is no registration required at all and please keep this is mind that there are no additional any kind of tax. You are charge the only mentioned amount. You must be thinking that how it’s possible? (more…)

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Cheap calls to Nigeria

A lot of my blog readers have asked about making cheap calls to Nigeria. Well! I was also looking for low rates call to Nigeria because I haven’t mentioned any VoIP company for making call to any of the African countries. Here I will be discussing the localphone VoIP Company which I found to be cheapest out of all. You can give try yourself.

Localphone is one of the known viol companies that make your communication easier. With time to time they bring different offers for their users and this time they have introduced another offer which none of other VoIP company have offered up till now. From 1 February to 12 February, Localphone is offering an offer for cheap calls to Nigeria. It provides you with 20% discount. No matters whether you are new customer or an old customer. You don’t need to subscribe for it. When anyone of us calls to this destination, the discounted rates are automatically applied. The most important point is to know what the rates (more…)

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Cheap VoIP calling service – Mobivox

Mobivox is a cheap voip calling service that uses Voice over internet protocol to provide it’s users with low rate calling all over the world. With this calling service you can save the money up to 98%. They provide with 2.1 ¢/minute to almost 40 countries. Now for its new users it is providing with 10 free minutes of call to any country. The rates are also very low. You can visit their sites in the “how to register” area below to get the cheap call rates for any destination.For credit you are provided with wide range of options.

Here are these options:

  • Buy credit by paying through PayPal.
  • Get bonus $2 credit on recommending to your friend
  • Earn Mobivox reward minutes.

You are provided with a number of plans. This helps you to save a lot of amount. One of their plan cost $17.95 for three months in which you are provided with 400 monthly minutes to landlines and mobile numbers in 40 countries.
How to register:
The process to get you register is very easy (more…)

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Cheap calls to Bangladesh

A number of free and cheap VoIP calling services have came forward with exciting plans for their customers to experience calling with extremely low rates especially for Bangladesh. I think this is because a number of companies are looking forward to grab the opportunities in Bangladesh. Students, parents and businessman’s can now call from anywhere to Bangladesh with clear sound quality. Here I am going to provide you with some VoIP companies that can easily suit your pocket.
This plan costs you £12.99 per month. You get 900 minutes to call anytime. The company is committed to deliver 24 hours technical support if you want. There are no excessive taxes or charges other than this. So get started by signing up. You can also check out for other plans for Bangladesh they are offering.
Firstnumber provides you with best rates for calling on to mobile to Bangladesh (more…)

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Make cheap VoIP calls with Voipalot

A large number of VoIP calling services are available now. There are some companies which remain at top because of low rates. Voipalot is among one of them. It belongs from the family of Dellmont. Users need to buy credit in order to make a call. Users often want to know what the payment methods are. Well credit cards, PayPal, web money are good options. A part from them you can get credit official resellers. This calling service can be used by android phones, iphone, PC and other SIP devices. You can look how cheap calling rates they are having for different counties:

  • Australia $0.0550
  • India $0.0100
  • Pakistan $0.0150
  • United states $0.0030

These are rates for calling to mobiles; they also offer low rates to landlines. All calls have to pay $0.039 USD, which is their connection fee.
How to make a call:
You can make a call very easily. You just have to follow some steps before making a call: (more…)

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Cheap VoIP business solution – Faxing, Calling, Conferencing, Voicemail

Have you ever thought of online faxing, voicemail, auto attendant and conference calling features in a single VoIP service? That is what Onebox is all about. Powerful VoIP services have made it really easy for you to manage the tasks of your business. It can be a great companion for your firm. A virtual receptionist greets your callers and directs them to any employee no matters whatever the location is. This VoIP calling service application is available for iphone, ipod touch, ipad and android.

Onebox offer several different calling plans such as:

2000 minute plan
3000 minute plan
5000 minute plan

The rates for these plans range from $50 to $200. Recently, this VoIP service has provided their customers with iphone and ipad applications. It allows the users to receive and make voip calls through wi-fi,3g or 4g network no matters whether you are or not in the range of your mobile services.

You can download Onebox android and iphone application free of cost. To download this VoIP calling service on your iphone, either download directly on iTunes or search this service in tha app store of your iphone. The latest version is 2.0.3 for all android phones. It keeps the history of calls as well as you can send and view your inbox easily without any restrictions. The android application for this voip calling service can easily use the contacts from your personal phone and also help to listen to your voicemail. If you are face with a poor mobile coverage then still you can avail the facility of international calling by using your ipad with the help of Wi-Fi . Onebox also offers you with conference calls. You can hold buildings within various locations. It gives you a quality teleconferencing facility.

Onebox also offers a 14-day, 250-minute money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with this service, you can request for the refund of the full monthly fee. Be sure that it is before the deadline provided.. You can enjoy business calls, voice messages and faxes anywhere with this VoIP service at cheap rates.

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